Our Partner Firms

In Barden Legal we’re experts in Legal recruitment.  But it doesn’t stop there.  We invest in and support Partner Firms; organisations that share our moral compass but who happen to be experts in other areas.  Meet some of our Partner Firms and let us know if they can help your organisation be the best it can be.

BRUIN Financial (Ireland) | Experts in Financial Services Recruitment.

BRUIN Financial (Ireland) supports professionals and companies across Investment/Asset Management, Insurance, Capital Markets, Banking, Leasing and a range of other financial service providers.

BRUIN Financial (Ireland) has offices in Dublin & Cork and is a joint venture between BRUIN Financial, the leading FS recruitment firm in London, and Barden.

Barden | Experts in Accounting & Tax Recruitment.

With offices in Dublin and Cork, Barden Accounting & Tax partners with top financial talent and world class finance teams nationally. Many of the team in Barden Accounting & Tax are qualified accountants/tax and share similar experience as the finance professionals they work with. Their national coverage and dual expertise, in both recruitment and Accounting & Tax, makes Barden Accounting & Tax unique in Irish recruitment.

Inspo | Experts in motivational talks, 1-1 performance /career coaching, and bespoke developmental training.

Lead by John Slattery, Inspo is a creative and innovative professional coaching and personal development firm that offers an array of consulting services to help individuals and teams be the best they can be.

Barden and Inspo have a common drive. Barden helps companies build great teams and Inspo helps teams to be great, together. Simple.

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